Training Program


Services include: 5 training days per week customized to horse and rider, training by Aimee, Riley or an assistant.

Services include: 2 training days per week, includes 2 lessons or training by Aimee, Riley or an assistant.

Services include: Tack & untack for lessons and training rides, care, bathing and miscellaneous clipping as needed.


Individual and group lessons available by appointment.

Custom grain and supplement program available as needed per individual horse. Aimee’s program provides necessary nutrients for working performance horses resulting in top conditioned show horses.


Horse Show Services

Services include: Daily coaching, schooling of horse and daily horse care at show including feeding grain and supplements.

Riding horse in competition.


10% commission on sale or purchase of a horse

Services include: Evaluation of potential horse for purchase per individual client need, travel and accompaniment of client to trial, and negotiation of purchase.

Evaluate potential buyers for sale horse including showing of horse, maintaining horse fitness, matching potential buyer, and negotiation of sale.